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US Grand Prix at Indy
 September 25, 2003 - floundericiousMI  (3 Comments)
Live Day by Day coverage from the home of motorsport and the yard of bricks. [Read More]
Please Log In To View This Article 2004 Acura TL: Pictures from First Drive
 September 24, 2003 - Tuan  (69 Comments)
Here are pictures from TOV's First Drive with the 2004 Acura TL.

For registered TOV members only [Read More]
2004 TL - Engine Details
 September 23, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (4 Comments)
This article describes the technology that went into the 270HP J32 series engine in the 2004 Acura TL. [Read More]
Please Log In To View This Article TSX Driving Impressions Videos
 September 19, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (29 Comments)
We drive the TSX 6MT around the Tail of the Dragon and give our impressions of it.

For registered TOV members only. [Read More]
2004 TL - Chassis Details
 September 19, 2003 - Ryan Leecock  (1 Comment)
We take a look at TL's chassis features like the subframes, suspension, and brakes. [Read More]
2004 TL - Body Structure Details
 September 18, 2003 - Ryan Leecock  (12 Comments)
We take a look at the body structure of the new '04 TL and highlight all the key details for you. [Read More]
2004 TL - Interior Details
 September 17, 2003 - Ryan Leecock  (32 Comments)
We've highlighted and bulleted all the important interior details here. [Read More]
2003 SCCA Solo2 National Championships
 September 14, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (9 Comments)
TOV competed at this year's SCCA Solo2 National Championships in Topeka, Kansas. Find out how I fared. [Read More]
2003 Honda Element in Sedona, AZ - Photo Essay by Neal McDaniel
 September 14, 2003 - Neal McDaniel  (4 Comments)
The Honda Element serves as a perfect companion on a weekend jaunt to Sedona, AZ. [Read More]
DC5 ITRs Triumphant in the MME
 September 03, 2003 - Wong KN  (10 Comments)
The official factory Honda Kunimitsu DC5 and dealer team Westar DC5 were triumphant in the MME, dominating and winning Class A outright and taking P3 respectively. Most impressively, they also took P3 and P6 -overall- respectively, taking out an amazing array of cars in the process. I take a look at the interesting items of the race. [Read More]
Please Log In To View This Article 2004 TL - Bonus Photo Gallery
 September 01, 2003 - Tuan  (9 Comments)
Here are some additional photos of the 2004 Acura TL.

For Registered TOV Members Only [Read More]
2004 TL - Overview of Changes
 September 01, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (62 Comments)
With the deluge of Press Releases you're reading about the new and exciting 2004 Acura TL, we felt that a summary of the significant changes would make things easier for you. Dealer accessories list added and clarified memory linked key fob.
[Read More]
2004 TL - Transmission Details
 September 01, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (13 Comments)
The '04 TL has an available 6-speed manual transmission with LSD and some additional enhancements to the 5-speed automatic. We take a closer look at some of the details of these two transmissions. [Read More]
2004 TL - Specifications
 September 01, 2003 - Jeff Palmer  (11 Comments)
Contained within are the full specifications for the 2004 Acura TL

UPDATED 9/3 with comparisons to 2003 TL-Type S. [Read More]
2004 TL - Photo Gallery
 September 01, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (38 Comments)
The TL looks even better with these ultra sharp press photos of the car. Tell us what you think. [Read More]
2004 TL - Color Chart
 September 01, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (16 Comments)
Here is a convenient color chart for you to see what color combinations are available. Pick your favorite combinations. [Read More]
DC5 Integra Type-R for the MME
 August 28, 2003 - Wong KN  (13 Comments)
The Merdeka Millenium Endurance (MME) race is a 12-hours endurance event held in conjunction with Malaysia's independence (merdeka) day celebrations. Honda Malaysia entered 3 DC5 Integra Type-Rs for this event. I cover the elaborate launch party for TOVA. [Read More]
Accord Coupe 6MT Driving Impressions
 August 20, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (43 Comments)
Highway US129 (aka the Tail of the Dragon) is a great road to truly register the driving dynamics of a car. In this video segment, we take the Accord Coupe 6MT on this serpentine road and register our thoughts along the way. Take a ride with us and see how the car performs.
[Read More]
Civic Mid-Term Facelift
 August 18, 2003 - Wong KN  (8 Comments)
For the asian region outside of Japan, Honda Asia based in Thailand launched the mid-term mild revision for the Civic sedan towards the end of last year. Other countries around asia followed suite individually and on August 13th 2003, it was Malaysia's turn to launch the revised Civic. I covered the "New Civic Launch" ceremony for TOVA. I also take a look at this revised Civic as it was launched by selected countries around asia.
[Read More]
Driving Impression: 2003 Acura MDX Touring
 August 15, 2003 - Jeff Palmer  (12 Comments)
For the 2003 model year, Acura freshened its highly successful MDX model in hopes of keeping it in high demand. [Read More]
TOV Spin Around the Block: Honda FCX
 August 14, 2003 - Jeff Palmer  (16 Comments)
At the 2003 New York Auto Show we had the opportunity to drive one of the few existing DOT-certified fuel cell powered vehicles in the world. Honda's engineering never ceases to amaze. [Read More]
2003 TOV Accord/TSX Road Test Introduction Video
 August 10, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (8 Comments)
Two very important cars for Honda and Acura this year are the new 2004 Acura TSX 6MT and the 2003 Honda Accord Coupe 6MT. We put these two cars through our tough TOV road test. We have 2 videos of our Day 1 introductions. Our Day 1 Wrapup article was added. [Read More]
Honda Jazz 1.4
 August 07, 2003 - Wong KN  (19 Comments)
The Amazing Honda Jazz ! [Read More]
Splashguards: More harmful than helpful?
 July 25, 2003 - Jeff Palmer  (24 Comments)
Honda and Acura dealers sell accessory splashguards for most models. We have observed that the design of these splashguards can cause permanent damage to the paint underneath. Are the benefits of the splashguards worth the added cost and potential corrosion hazards? [Read More]
Accord Coupe 6MT Undercar Review
 July 16, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (7 Comments)
We take a look at what lurks underneath this car with a monster of an engine and see some room for improvements. [Read More]
TSX Undercar Review
 July 16, 2003 - Tuan Nguyen  (18 Comments)
We take a look underneath the TSX and find a few surprises. [Read More]
TOV Combo Test - Accord V6 6MT and TSX 6MT
 June 24, 2003 - Shawn Church  (91 Comments)
2 cars, 3 states, 4 editors, 5 days and 6-speed transmissions. So begins TOV's multi-faceted test of the Acura TSX 6-spd and the Honda Accord V6 6MT Coupe. Stay tuned for daily updates from the TOV editors as we drive the cars, see the sights and take some video for you. A full article will follow soon after.

updated 6/28/03 11:24pm EST [Read More]
High Performance Driving
 June 22, 2003 - gilbert  
You just purchased a new sporty Honda car and, if you are like the rest of us, you are already planning your first car modification. The choices seem limitless: headers, exhausts, air intakes, wheels, etc. But if you want to protect your investment, the first improvement you should plan is to your driving skills. [Read More]
HondaF1 Monza Testing
 June 05, 2003 - Zpeed  
Monza test results and a very little race review [Read More]
K-series Running Wild - Hytech's New Performance Kit
 May 15, 2003 - Shawn Church  (134 Comments)
Here's a sampler of just what Honda's K-motor is capable of. Hytech Exhaust has put together a new engine build up kit that sets new standards for pump gas power output. Check out the dyno charts and stay tuned for a test drive! UPDATE 5.19.03: Small video clip of HyTech RSX during track testing. 9100 rpms sounds sweet! [Read More]
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2018 Honda Accord Specifications and Features (PRELIMINARY)
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2018 Honda Accord PR Photo Gallery
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TOV Dyno Test: 2017 Honda Civic Si
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TOV First Drive: 2017 Honda Civic Type R
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TOV First Drive: 2017 Honda Civic Si
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2017 Civic Si PR Photo Gallery
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