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article details
Author WongKN
Categories Performance Parts, Civic, TOV World
Create Date May 15, 2002 18:06
Last Update May 16, 2002 01:25
Project: Gen2 Civic Hybrid

Project: Gen2 Civic Hybrid

Power-to-Weight ratio is a proven route to building a fast Honda. The two components in the ratio of course are the engine's power and the car's weight. To build a more powerful engine via the NA route, the proven method is the two-pronged attack via higher revs and a larger engine displacement. Hybrids are particularly popular amongst modern day Honda enthusiasts. They mate the block and head from different Honda engines to produce a combination that is not in the Honda 'catalog'.

To achieve very low bodyweight, enthusiasts perform 'body-stripping' of their cars. All parts considered not absolutely necessary for the car's operation are discarded, from the seats right down to things like noise insulation ! The track enthusiasts who wants to build a dedicated 'track-car' have gone even further however, using the smallest, lightest possible chassis in an attempt to get the lightest possible bodyweight.

The car in this article belongs to a member of my Honda club, Shedden. Shedden holds a racing license and frequents the race-track with this car. It is designed, built and run as a dedicated drag-car, a lean and mean Honda drag-machine. To give an idea of how fast the car is, Shedden once beat a relatively stock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4 GSR in an organized one-on-one standing start drag-race, witnessed by many race fans.

This article is written by my club web-site's web-master Vincent. It is an excellent piece of work and is Vincent and Shedden's contribution to our TOVW's Hybrid area of "Beyond Stock". For readers who wishes to check out our club web-site, the url is hcoc.2u.com.my

Super 2nd Generation Honda Civic

Full Spec 2nd Gen 1984 Honda Civic SA0 Limited Edition

The Toyota's may have their famous Trueno AE86 a.k.a. Hachiroku. Now its time for Honda to unleash the 2nd Gen Honda Civic. Weighing at approximately 700 kg's the car is powered by the famous DOHC VTEC engine...producing over 210 ps in NA form, this car really kicks some serious ass !!!

The 2nd Gen started life with a decent 1.5 litres carburated single cam engine...Not until owner Shedden got a hold of it. The car was transformed from a decent road going car to a completely striped down ..roll caged...monster !

Notice that the car has a new air duct and removed front grill for better cooling ! The air duct was placed to direct air into the OER 4 Throttles !

Rear view of the 2nd Gen. Notice the striped interior and the lightweight WedSports rims!

Bride Zeta II Racing Seats...Carbon Kevlar back ! This seats are worth more than the car.. =)

The power house ..a.Hybrid Frankenstein. Matching a B16A head together with a B20B bottom end is quite a common sight in Malaysia. Notice the OER 4 independent throttles!


I was given a ride in this 2nd Gen. The experience was one thing that I'll never forget. The first thing you'll notice when starting the engine is the sound of the fuel pump...i could literally feel the oil being pumped up to the engine. Ignition was swift and the car started with just a single crank. The car idles like any other race car running High Cams. The car sounded really loud even at stand still.

Ok now on the ride...1st gear was engaged...gently release the clutch and the car was on its way...(i was surprised that the car was quite easy to drive.) Although i had the opportunity to drive this Monster... i wanted to feel what it is like driven by the owner himself. This car launches really well at 1st gear ...the Revs climbed pretty easily...once it reaches 5500 rpms...the VTEC screamed like there was another engine in there! The tires was fighting for grip once VTEC came in...the car actually twitched !

The pull once VTEC came in was incredible ! The feeling of G -Force was like what a 600hp Skyline would produce...no joke! And the distinctive sound of the VTEC was music to my ears...The Rev climbed pretty quickly once it reached high cams....shifting to 2nd...and upon releasing the clutch..the car launches forward again in VTEC zone !! And again the tires was fighting for grip --> and this was semi-slicks (Silverstone Tarmac Rally Tires)

Things was passing by pretty quickly as we reached 3rd gear...3rd gear was awesome..the G-Force was so great that i was glued to the seats! Frankly, i was pretty scared by the sound of the screaming engine and the sound of wind blowing...Luckily there was the roll cage to hold on to.

Shedden had to brake as we reached the end of the road...the brakes was very effective. Being a lightweight car, there was absolutely no problems stopping. However, i must admit it felt pretty scarry braking just at the end of the junction....

The power was just unbelievable...2 thumbs up to the 2nd Gen !! VTEC rulez!

  • Fully Balanced and Blue Printed B20B Block
  • Fully Modified pistons (12.5:1 compression ratio)
  • Fully Ported and Polished head
  • Fully Ported Valve Seat
  • JUN Type 3 Cams
  • JUN Titanium Valve Springs
  • JUN Retainers
  • Type R Valves
  • OER 4 Throttles
  • Adjustable Cam Pulleys
  • New Power Belt
  • Adjustable Fuel Regulator
  • CUSCO Radiator Cap
  • NGK Iriway Spark Plugs
  • NGK Power Cables
  • Honda Distributor
  • 390cc Injectors
  • Integra DA6 Radiator

Engine Management

  • Haltech E6K ECU
  • Full Haltech Wiring (complete with sensors)

Fuel Management

  • ARC Full Aluminium Racing Fuel Tank with In-tank Fuel Pump
  • ARC Fuel Reservoir Tank
  • New BOSCH External Fuel Pump
  • Steel Braided Fuel Line
  • 5 speed Manual Transmission
  • Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
  • Type R Flywheel
  • CUSCO racing clutch
  • Exedy clutch plate
  • Custom Made Drive Shafts (Left & Right)


  • Original Honda Integra Type R 4-1 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold
  • Z-Speed Thermo Wrapping
  • Full 2.2" race piping
  • Stainless Steel Center and Rear Muffler


  • Custom Racing Suspension from Kayaba Racing
  • Front Struts


  • Front 14" Ventilated Disc Brakes (from Accord)
  • Rear 12" Solid Disc Brakes (from Prelude)
  • Project U Titan Kai Brake Pads
  • EG Double Layered Servo and Master Pump
  • Z-Speed Steel Braided Brake hoses - DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid Body


  • Fully Seam Welded and Strengthened
  • New Paint (Honda White)
  • Bonnet Scoop
  • Accident Free Interior
  • Full Custom Chrome Race Roll Cage (Detachable)
  • Fully Stripped Interior
  • Custom Chrome Dashboard
  • Leather Racing Steering Wheel
  • Bride Zeta II Racing bucket seats
  • AutoGauge 5" Racing Tachometer with Shift Light and memory
  • AutoGauge Water Temp Gauge
  • AutoGauge Oil Temp Gauge
  • AutoGauge Oil Pressure Gauge Wheels/Tyres -
  • 15" 2-piece WedsSport Ultra Lightweight Alloy Rims
  • 15" Silverstone Tarmac Slicks
  • Spare 14" MAK Lightweight Rims (Made in Italy)

Wong K.N.
© Temple of VTEC World

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