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article details
Author Jeff Palmer
Categories Audio/Video, TOV Road Test, Civic
Create Date September 14, 2006 09:37
Last Update February 01, 2008 07:39
2007 Civic Si Sedan

2007 Civic Si and Product Planner Prexa Doshi

Hey, isn't that...

Yep, John Mendel Muscles the Si around the cones

2007 Civic Si expertly guided by yours truly
Let's take a moment to personally thank Honda's product planners for a couple of things. First, we must thank them for spreading the love and making the Civic Si available to an audience that couldn't previously justify purchasing an Si (Coupe). Secondly, we must thank them profusely for not messing up such a great thing.

We spent a day checking out the full lineup of Honda's 2007 models at an event in Detroit recently, and we were extremely pleased to find that the 2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan drives almost exactly like its 2-door sibling. Besides the four door configuration, things are so similar between the two it's difficult to find any meaningful differences. The only real item worthy of mention mention is that Honda has tweaked the exhaust system slightly with a prechamber that's about 31% smaller (4.4L vs 6.4L) than the Coupe's in order to change the pitch of the exhaust note, but in quick back to back drives I found that the difference was difficult to sense from inside the car. Exhaust diameter and flow rates remain unchanged.

The Si Sedan accelerates, brakes, corners, rides, and sounds almost identical to the Coupe, but now people with the need to frequently carry backseat passengers have no reason for despair. According to Honda's internal testing, the Si Sedan accelerates to 60mph around a tenth of a second behind the Si Coupe, but it still outpaces the Volkswagen GTI, Scion tC, and Mazda 3 S (the MazdaSpeed 3 was notably absent from this particular chart). In terms of slalom and braking figures, the Si Sedan and Coupe perform identically. This means that Honda has just created one of the most rewarding and fun to drive Honda sedans ever to be offered in the USA.

Our time with the Si Sedan was limited to some brief freeway romps and around a short and tight autocross-style course that Honda had configured in a parking lot of the Dearborn Hyatt, so we'll have to wait until we can spend more time with one to provide the full rundown. Our earliest indications, however, are that Honda absolutely nailed it with the '07 Si Sedan.

The chassis responds in a very similar fashion to the Si Coupe, which means the LSD and available summer tires provide it with an exciting level of lateral grip, and it possesses amazing steering response. But it also means the car is dialed in with a bit of understeer to keep things safe. There are ways to induce oversteer, but you have to familiarize yourself with the car (and the corner) a bit to determine the right balance of braking, steering, and throttle inputs required to provoke it.

Out on real-world streets, the Si Sedan delivers an almost perfect balance between ride comfort and handling. The engine is audible when you want to hear it, but if you prefer to cruise in a more relaxed mode on the freeway, the tall 6th gear ratio delivers exactly that. The Si Sedan is one of the lightest (credible) sport sedans you'll find on the market, and this is certainly one of the reasons I enjoy driving it so much. The best part about the Si's low curb weight is that it exploits all of the advantages of its reduced mass without any real tradeoffs. The car feels very solid and carries itself impressively down the freeway, with a commendably low level of road and wind noise. Dynamically, the Si does an amazing job of masking the fact that it's based on an entry level platform.

The Si Sedan borrows virtually everything from the 2007 Civic Si Coupe, including the road wheels (which have a new darker "Sparkle Silver" finish for 2007), available high performance tires, the 3-spoke steering wheel, drilled pedals, red stitched seats and interior trim, the complete drivetrain (yes, that includes the 6-speed transmission and LSD), stereo system, and even the i-VTEC decals on the rear doors (these probably will be peeled off by a number of Si Sedan owners). One thing it doesn't quite inherit from the Si Coupe is the styling. People seem to be divided in terms of their styling preferences between the Civic Coupe and Sedan bodies, but I've never fully warmed up to the stubby, abrupt styling of the sedan. Fortunately, that's not a dealbreaker for me. If there's a single thing I would change about the Si Sedan, it would probably be the odd rear spoiler, which looks something like a dead otter draped over the trunklid. In my opinion, the lip spoiler from the Civic Hybrid would have been a much better choice, but that's just my opinion. Again, it's certainly not a dealbreaker in my eyes - the car is so rewarding to drive, I can look past its styling.

While the Si Sedan retains all the hardware of the Coupe (including the new-for-2007 VSA system), you may think that the supply of good news has been exhausted, but there is indeed more good news: the addition of 2 doors pads less than 60 lbs. onto the Si Coupe's curb weight, and the Sedan is projected to be priced almost identically to the hot selling Si Coupe. That means you'd better be on good terms with your local Honda salesman because Honda only plans to build about 15,000 of these Sedans per year.

With so many choices out there in the low $20,000 range, it's a great time to be an enthusiast, and now is an especially good time to be a Honda enthusiast. The Civic Si Coupe has already proven itself to be a superb platform for aftermarket upgrades, and many parts (such as suspension components) should bolt right up to the Sedan, so that means there's an instant aftermarket awaiting prospective owners of the 2007 Civic Si Sedan. We applaud Honda's recognition of their enthusiast base and hope to see more products oriented to their large contingent of fans. With a few minor exceptions, the Civic Si Sedan meets or exceeds every one of our lofty expectations and delivers it all at a superb price point.

2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan
Date of Test:August 27, 2006
Test Location:Dearborn, Michigan
Miles Driven:~50 miles
Onsale DateNovember 1, 2006
MSRPEst. $20000 to $22000 (Navi + High Perf. Tires)
Projected Volume15000 units
EPA Mileage Estimates (city/hwy):23/32 mpg

  • 5 Characters: K20Z3
  • Everything the wonderful Si Coupe offers, without the guilt
  • Practical, comfortable, and roomy interior
  • Great front seats
  • The benefits of a low-mass body with virtually no compromises
  • Cons
  • Not much to complain about except I'm not a huge fan of the sedan's styling
  • Dealers may try to gouge
  • The Verdict
    Sign me up!

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    Exclusive TOV Video Clip

    Here's a quick video clip of Honda's Sage Marie driving the Si Sedan around the autocross track.

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    09-23-2006 04:04 R&D people   (Score: 1, Normal) atomicbombpinoy
    10-02-2006 17:47 atomicbombpinoy
    09-20-2006 10:22 Prexa Doshi   (Score: 1, Normal) srivendel
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    09-22-2006 07:04 zapata
    09-23-2006 03:59 atomicbombpinoy
    09-26-2006 02:17 ACCORDLOVER
    09-26-2006 13:08 atomicbombpinoy
    09-24-2006 08:28 Body lean and tire howl   (Score: 1, Normal) theskippur
    09-25-2006 22:02 techline
    09-16-2006 14:49 finally - something for the sedan people   (Score: 1, Normal) voodoobru
    09-20-2006 13:59 93egsedan
    09-22-2006 23:06 vtecDave
    09-24-2006 07:50 VinceThe1
    09-14-2006 19:41 John Mendel   (Score: 1, Normal) CivicB18
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    09-23-2006 04:00 atomicbombpinoy
    09-14-2006 15:13 Canada   (Score: 1, Normal) 2K5TSX
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    09-18-2006 13:10 Powered by Honda
    09-15-2006 14:00 vtecrocks
    09-15-2006 23:39 teej
    09-16-2006 03:13 CarPhreakD
    09-20-2006 11:54 IXLR8
    09-21-2006 23:18 CarPhreakD
    09-14-2006 22:27 Honda-D
    09-15-2006 16:34 AznSupastar
    09-19-2006 00:50 WHERE IS THE SI SEDAN MADE?   (Score: 1, Normal) Maxxv123
    09-20-2006 08:27 trainguy
    09-14-2006 20:49 Wow, these will be stolen alot!!   (Score: 1, Normal) rancho1
    09-15-2006 08:33
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    09-15-2006 08:45 CivicB18
    09-15-2006 13:53 VinceThe1
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    09-18-2006 01:43 DCR
    09-18-2006 19:38 rancho1
    09-19-2006 08:21 SiSedan
    09-19-2006 17:40 jammies
    09-20-2006 00:30 SoR
    09-20-2006 00:35 SoR
    09-14-2006 17:21 but..   (Score: 1, Normal) cat in the baby
    09-15-2006 19:34 shingles
    09-17-2006 03:39 roninsi02
    09-17-2006 13:40 Varmint
    09-15-2006 16:45 Arrrgh! The perfect car, if only ...   (Score: 1, Normal) sbrown23
    09-15-2006 19:33 shingles
    09-15-2006 20:37 CivicB18
    09-16-2006 08:17 VinceThe1
    09-14-2006 20:04 YESSSSSS   (Score: 1, Normal) 6SPDTL
    09-15-2006 15:17 MyopicPaideia
    09-15-2006 12:31 Si Sedan or the 07-08 Tsx   (Score: 1, Normal) bjorn
    09-14-2006 15:24 Thanks! Considering trading Hybrid Accord for One   (Score: 1, Normal) nowakj66
    09-14-2006 15:31 JeffX
    09-14-2006 15:36 nowakj66
    09-14-2006 15:43 JeffX
    09-14-2006 15:48 nowakj66
    09-14-2006 15:50 JeffX
    09-14-2006 15:54 2K5TSX
    09-14-2006 16:01 JeffX
    09-14-2006 16:46 2K5TSX
    09-14-2006 17:27 civic_si
    09-15-2006 00:38 Tigerriot
    09-15-2006 10:56 nowakj66
    09-15-2006 11:17 Tigerriot
    09-15-2006 11:26 nowakj66
    09-15-2006 11:36 JeffX
    09-14-2006 15:32 nowakj66
    09-14-2006 16:14 Cool shirt.   (Score: 1, Normal) TonyEX
    09-14-2006 14:32 awesome   (Score: 1, Normal) pezones
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