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2003 American Honda SEMA Display Vehicles Fact Sheet
 Date: November 04, 2003 16:00
 Submitted by:  RyanDL
 Source: Honda Press Release
 Credibility Rating: N/A

Las Vegas 11/04/2003 --

2004 Acura TL with A-SPEC Performance Package

The most recent addition to the Acura A-SPEC performance lineup is the 2004 TL. Acura's top-selling model features hot new styling, a more powerful 270 horsepower V-6 engine, a sport-tuned suspension, and 17-inch wheels and tires. A close ratio 6-speed manual transmission is available (a first for TL) and all TLs equipped with the 6-speed also feature Brembo front brakes. Inside, the TL features the automotive industry's first application of a standard DVD-Audio 5.1 surround sound system as well as a Bluetooth-enabled hands-free phone system called HandsFreeLinkTM.

The A-SPEC performance package for the TL is scheduled to go on sale this November at Acura dealers nationwide. It includes a suspension package with track-tuned shocks and springs, 18-inch wheels and tires, high performance brake pads for automatic transmission-equipped models, an aero kit, and a deck lid spoiler (or rear wing) as well as Acura A-SPEC badging. While an MSRP for the Acura TL A-SPEC performance package has not been announced, it will cost approximately $5,000 plus dealer installation.

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

  • A-SPEC suspension (track-tuned shocks and springs)
  • High performance brake pads (automatic transmission cars)
  • 18x8.5 alloy wheels
  • Yokohama AVS ES100 235/40-R18 95W tires

Exterior Modifications

  • A-SPEC deck lid (or rear wing) spoiler
  • A-SPEC aero kit

Interior Modifications

  • A-SPEC steering wheel
  • A-SPEC badging

Acura TSX A-SPECTM Concept

Since its debut in March, the 200-horsepower TSX has exceeded Acura sales goals in the extremely competitive sports sedan segment. With the car's aggressive styling, responsive powertrain and sporty chassis building a strong and rapidly growing following with the aftermarket, Honda Access America, the accessory division of Honda, designed a prototype A-SPEC kit to highlight the potential of this hot-selling new model. The performance package features an aero kit, and a sport suspension that gives it an even sleeker, more aggressive look while taking advantage of the TSX's unique and potent performance capabilities.

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

  • Prototype sport suspension with track tuned shocks and springs
  • Modulo sport exhaust
  • Brembo prototype front brakes
  • 18-inch wheels
  • Yokohama 235/40 ZR tires

Exterior Modifications

  • Prototype front bumper
  • Prototype deck lid spoiler
  • Side and rear valances
  • Front side markers with white lenses
  • Fog lights
  • A-SPEC badging

Interior Modifications

  • Momo steering wheel
  • Prototype Recaro front seats
  • NSX-R aluminum sport shift knob
  • Prototype interior trim finish
  • Sport floor mats

Honda Element Concept

The Honda Element delivers an affordable, rugged and adaptable platform that incorporates the best traits of a pickup with a hard flat floor, an SUV with a rear enclosed area and a car with responsive handling and good fuel economy. Starting around $16,000, the Element leaves room for extensive customization, and the Element Concept, developed by Honda Access America, shows one direction in which the Element can be taken. The concept features a high output i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine that takes advantage of a high flow exhaust to produce over 200 horsepower. An all-terrain sport suspension system coupled with high performance Brembo brakes and 21-inch wheels and tires offers increased handling precision on- and off-road as well as enhanced stopping power. Exterior modifications including a new front bumper and grille design, a wider track, bright aluminum finish and a roof-mounted tail spoiler give the Element a decidedly aggressive demeanor.

Powertrain Modifications

  • 200+ horsepower i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine
  • Custom high flow exhaust

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

  • All-terrain on/off-road sport suspension
  • High performance slotted Brembo brakes
  • 21-inch Honda Access custom design 5-spoke alloy wheels with satin finish
  • 245/35R 21 Michelin concept tires

Exterior Modifications

  • New front bumper design with two-part metal/plastic combination
  • Black chrome headlight/taillight bezel finish with clear signal indicators
  • New grille design
  • Rocker panel side sills
  • Increased track width
  • Flared, body colored fender panels
  • New rear bumper design with integrated exhaust and heat diffuser
  • Roof-mounted tail spoiler
  • Bright aluminum finish on lower body panels
  • "Blue Metal Xenon" painted upper panels

Interior Modifications

  • Custom floor-to-ceiling center console including vehicle dynamics display, blue LED glow lighting and overhead mounted storage bins
  • Racing-inspired instrument panel with "high-contrast" surface finish, aluminum accents and air vents
  • Racing front bucket seats
  • DVD navigation system
  • Custom floor carpet
  • Sport grip shift knob and steering wheel
  • Door panel design modifications

Acura NSX

Using a wide variety of high-performance parts from premier aftermarket suppliers like Comptech, Cantrell Concepts, Sparco and Takata, enthusiast Duke Tubtim has created a flat out rocket of an NSX racecar. Duke's NSX features a supercharged C30A V-6 that delivers 322 horsepower at the rear wheels. He's displayed the car at several shows and has won at every show he's attended.

Powertrain Modifications

  • Comptech Supercharger
  • Daiken Exedy clutch

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

  • Tein RA coilover suspension
  • Comptech strut tower
  • Science of Speed/Comptech sway bars
  • NSX-R front chassis braces
  • Four-piston caliper front brakes
  • 13" slotted rotors
  • Volk Racing GT-7 wheels (18x8 front, 19x9.5 rear)
  • Toyo Proxe T1-S tires (225/35 ZR 18 front, 265/30 ZR 19 rear)

Exterior Modifications

  • Burn Up front bumper
  • Lechers side skirts
  • Gruppe M rear valance
  • Science of Speed JGTC carbon fiber hood
  • Cantrell Concepts carbon fiber fuel filler with fuel filler cap
  • Taitec carbon fiber JGTC wing
  • NSX-R door badges

Interior Modifications

  • Blitz DC instrument panel
  • Bride Zeta 11 bucket seats
  • Takata four point racing harness
  • Sparco ring steering wheel
  • Alpine navigation system and DVD changer
  • Playstation 2

Skunk2 Acura RSX Racecar

The Skunk2 RSX racecar was built to compete in the NHRA All-Motor Class. It pushes the class rules to the absolute limits without incurring a weight penalty. This car features an alcohol injected 2.4 liter DOHC VTEC engine with a K24 block and K20 cylinder head package. The RSX unibody has been integrated with a chromoly tube frame, which helps to make it lighter and stronger than most, if not all cars in its class. The roof has been lowered by one inch to give it an aggressive demeanor while retaining the stock look. Suspension modifications include a multi-link rear suspension design, racing shocks with titanium springs and Goodyear tires.

Powertrain Modifications

  • Alcohol injected 2.4 liter DOHC VTEC engine
  • K24 block with K20 cylinder head package
  • Custom ultralight roller rocker arms
  • Skunk2 camgears, camshafts and valve springs
  • Cunningham rods
  • Custom pistons
  • Lightweight custom flywheel and carbon-carbon clutch
  • Skunk2 custom header and intake manifold

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

  • Integrated chromoly tube frame
  • Multi-link rear suspension design
  • Skunk2 racing shocks with titanium springs
  • Goodyear Tires (26x9 front, 25x4 rear)

Exterior Modifications

  • Super flat black paint

King Motorsports Mugen Honda S2000

Using an assortment of Mugen high performance parts, King Motorsports (the sole authorized North American distributor for Mugen Co., Ltd.) has created an impressive performance S2000 that builds on the vehicle's many strengths to make a great performing car even better.

Powertrain Modifications

  • Mugen carbon fiber air intake
  • Mugen SS titanium exhaust system
  • Mugen stainless steel exhaust header

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

  • Mugen NZ adjustable coil over suspension kit
  • Mugen MF10 bronze wheels (17x7.5 52 mm offset, front, 17x8.5 59 mm offset, rear)
  • Bridgestone S0-3 tires (215/45 ZR 17 front, 245/40/ZR 17 rear)

Exterior Modifications

  • Mugen carbon fiber hard top
  • Mugen carbon fiber hood
  • Mugen carbon fiber rear wing
  • Mugen SS rear bumper kit
  • Mugen SS front bumper and under tray kit

Interior Modifications

  • Mugen S1 bucket seats and seat rails

2004 Civic Si with Honda Factory PerformanceTM Package

The 2004 Civic Si went on sale in September with larger 16-inch wheels and tires for crisper handling and increased grip; redesigned headlights and taillights for a more modern look; new silver trim on the instrument panel and doors; and a new side sill garnish. Beginning in mid-December, the 160-horsepower hot hatchback can be equipped with a new Honda Factory Performance accessory package sold at Honda dealers nationwide. The kit includes suspension elements that lower the car approximately one inch and enhance handling performance with aggressively tuned shocks and springs. The Honda FP kit also adds 17-inch wheels and high performance tires. The MSRP for the package will be approximately $4,000 plus dealer installation. The 2004 Honda Civic Si display car at SEMA features the complete HFP package.

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

  • HFP suspension (track-tuned shocks and springs)
  • 17x7 alloy wheels
  • High performance Yokohama AVS ES 100 215/45-R17 87W tires

Exterior Modifications

  • Hatch spoiler
  • Under-body aero kit
  • HFP badging
  • Integrated exhaust finishers

Interior Modifications

  • HFP shift knob
  • Carbon fiber trim kit
  • Engine cover
  • HFP emblem kit

2003 AEM/DriverFX.com Civic

Driven by import drag racing legend Stephan Papadakis, the 2003 AEM/Driver FX.com Civic was built to compete in the 2003 NHRA Sport Compact Series Pro RWD class. In 2003, Papadakis drove this car to the World's Fastest Sport Compact and World's Quickest Honda titles with a 207.8 MPH trap speed and a 6.71 second ET. This racecar achieves mid-six-second elapsed times at speeds of over 200 mph using a combination of high-performance components. It features a 3.0-liter Acura NSX V-6 engine, a chromoly steel chassis by Don Ness Racecars, AEM Plug & Play programmable engine management system and air/fuel (UEGO) controller, AEM ignition system, AEM cam gears and fuel pressure regulators, and a Lenco 5-speed transmission.

Powertrain Specifications

  • 3.0-liter Acura NSX V-6 engine
  • Hogan intake manifold
  • Saenz titanium rods
  • Wiseco forged pistons
  • AEM rocker arms
  • Crane cams
  • AEM cam gears
  • Lenco 5-speed transmission
  • Velasco billet crank
  • East-West titanium clutch
  • Innovative Turbo Systems turbochargers and wastegates
  • Fluidyne radiator

Fuel System Specifications

  • Racing methanol fuel
  • Waterman engine-driven fuel pump
  • AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulators
  • RC Engineering 1600CC fuel injectors

Electrical/Data Acquisition

  • AEM engine management/data acquisition
  • AEM air/fuel controller
  • AEM ignition
  • MSD spark plug wires
  • MSD coils
  • Denso iridium spark plugs

Chassis/Suspension Specifications

  • Don Ness Racecars chromoly steel chassis
  • Lamb adjustable front strut assembly with titanium springs
  • KONI electronic rear shocks
  • Racepak chassis data acquisition
  • Lamb carbon fiber brakes
  • Toyo tires (25.0x4.5x15-front, 33.5x17x16-rear)

Exterior Specifications

  • Carbon fiber Civic body with enhanced aerodynamics
  • 2003 Viper red paint
  • Modern Image Signworks graphics


  • Pro-Seat custom molded seat
  • carbon fiber wheel tubs
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Auto meter gauges

Honda Factory Performance (HFP)/Ro_Ja Honda Accord Concept

The Honda Factory Performance (HFP)/Ro_Ja Honda Accord Concept makes its debut in the Honda display at SEMA. It was developed as a collaboration between industry icon RJ deVera and Honda Factory Performance. The goal was to combine aftermarket products, Honda factory components and HFP accessories to create a car that meets the demands of today's enthusiast buyers. To do it, the Accord Coupe received a 2.4-liter i-VTEC TSX engine and a TSX close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, a Pure Styling Ro_Ja Ground Effects Kit, Sparco racing seats, 19-inch Ro_Ja Forged wheels and BF Goodrich tires. Leading aftermarket companies GReddy Performance Products USA, Circuit Worx, and Street Concepts pitched in to help make the concept a wildly creative, yet purely Honda vision of the Accord Coupe.

Powertrain Modifications

  • 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder Acura TSX i-VTEC engine
  • Acura TSX 6-speed manual transmission
  • GReddy turbo system
  • GReddy stainless steel dual exhaust system

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

  • HFP suspension upgrade (shocks and springs)
  • 19x8 Ro_Ja Motorsports Formula 2 wheels
  • BF Goodrich G-Force KDW 235/35-ZR19 high performance tires

Exterior Modifications

  • Pure Styling Ro_Ja Ground effects kit
  • HFP rear wing
  • Versus Motorsports carbon fiber hood
  • Honda Formula Red paint

Interior Modifications

  • Black Sparco Torino 2 front seats
  • Sparco shift knob
  • Color-matched interior panels and rear seats

Last edited by RyanDL on November 04, 2003 17:06

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