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Honda Releases New 8-Passenger Elysion Minivan
 Date: May 13, 2004 05:25
 Submitted by:  danielgr
 Source: Honda World
 Credibility Rating: N/A

Tokyo, May 13, 2004--Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the introduction to the Japanese market of its new flagship minivan, the next-generation, premium 8-passenger Elysion, featuring the most advanced Honda technology and the highest levels of comfort and luxury for all passengers. The Elysion will be available nationwide through Honda’s automobile dealer networks starting May 13, 2004. Side lift-up seat and passenger lift-up seat-equipped models will be available starting June 10, 2004.

The Elysion’s innovative low-floor platform provides ample cabin space and a lower center of gravity, for enhanced stability, handling and comfort. Wide, dual power-sliding doors1 offer easy access to the second and third row seats, while a tip-up and slide seat mechanism provides one-step third-row accessibility. The three rows of spacious seating can be flexibly configured for maximum passenger space or storage, also thanks to the low-floor platform. A second-row seat rotation mechanism2 pivots second-row seats to face the third row with the pull of a single lever.

The Elysion’s 3.0-liter V6 i-VTEC engine features Honda's revolutionary variable cylinder management system, which shifts between three- and six-cylinder combustion in response to driving conditions for superior fuel economy at class-leading3 levels of power output and torque. Also available is a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine that delivers ample torque at normal cruising speeds. All models4 achieve a level of fuel economy 5% above 2010 standards, and boast 75% cleaner exhaust emissions than required by 2005 emissions standards, qualifying for Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (SU-LEV) certification from Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, making them eligible for incentives under the Japanese government's Green Tax program.

Elysion VX Type (FF)
  Elysion G Type with Side Lift-up Seat (FF)

Elysion G Type with Side Lift-up Seat (FF)

The Elysion features Honda's advanced compatibility engineering body—designed to increase self-protection and reduce aggressivity toward other vehicles. It is also equipped with Honda's Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMS)5 and E-pretensioner5, which assess collision risk, alert the driver to take preventative action, and mitigate injury should a collision occur. All three rows of passenger seats are protected by large side curtain airbags6 which provide protection throughout the range of sliding seat positions.

1 Standard equipment on VZ type, and available as a factory option except on M type. Left side power sliding door standard equipment except on M type
2 Available as a factory option on the following [FF] models: G (excluding models with lift-up seat), X, VG (excluding models with  lift-up seat), and VX types
3 3-liter class minivans
4 Excluding device type designated motor vehicles
5 Standard equipment on VZ type
6 Factory option on all types (excluding models with passenger lift-up seat)

Key Features

    Packaging and Utility
  • The low, flat floor, redesigned undercarriage and rear suspension enable all eight passengers to sit in roomy comfort, and provide a passenger cabin height of 1,265 mm.
  • Taking advantage of the generous passenger cabin height, each row of seats is positioned approximately 40 mm higher than the one in front of it, to provide excellent outward visibility for passengers in the second and third row seats.
  • In addition to the low, flat floor, the wide front doors and rear sliding door provide easy access to all three rows of seats. Since there is no step, passengers can move easily into and out of the third row of seats.
  • The power sliding doors1 on either side, as well as the power tailgate2, can be opened and closed automatically using the keyless entry remote control or the switch on the driver's seat.
  • The sliding doors feature power windows that can open fully, and the rear quarter glass beside the third row seat has a pop-up window that also opens.
  • The second and third row seats are equipped with a 60/40 tip-up and slide mechanism3 that enables a variety of seat arrangements, providing storage space measuring up to 1,300 mm4 in length  with a capacity of 1,057 liters5. The first and second row seats, or the second and third row seats, can be laid flat. A rotation mechanism6 that enables the second row seats to face the third row is available as a factory option. Each of these mechanisms is easily operated with a lever located on the shoulder of the seat.

    1 Standard equipment on VZ type; available as a factory option except on M type; left side power sliding door standard equipment except on M type
    2 Available as a factory option on G and VG types with side lift-up seat, X and VX [FF] type  vehicles, and VZ type
    3 Standard on second row seat except on G and VG types with side lift-up seat
    4 Honda in-house measurements
    5 Honda in-house measurements (VDA method)
    6 Available as a factory option on the following [FF] models: G (excluding  models with lift-up seat), X, VG (excluding models with lift-up seat), and VX  type vehicles

Interior Design

  • The interior imparts the ultra-relaxed atmosphere of an ocean cruiser lounge, providing luxurious comfort in all three rows. The large, bright areas of glass produce a sense of spaciousness, the large seats offer a feeling of coziness, and the wood-grained panels provide an air of opulence. The well laid-out interior lighting further enriches the interior ambience.
  • The wood-grained paneling found throughout the interior—from the instrument panel to the doors—is molded to capture the depth of fresh-cut wood, while the metallic components add a sense of solidity.
  • The deep, dynamic lines of the wood-grained instrument panel extend horizontally to the right and left across the front passenger compartment, imparting an integrated feel from the driver's seat to the passenger seat. Raised gauge visors were also eliminated to create a flat instrument panel that provides a commanding forward view.
  • Blue interior lights1 illuminate the center console and second and third rows when the small lamps are turned on, serving as night lights that add a touch of luxury.
  • Three-dimensional, self-luminating meters deliver unique styling in addition to enhanced visibility. LEDs on the instrument panel project onto reflective lenses, creating a graduated display that offers hologram-like depth and elegance.
  • The instrument panel gear shift lever is positioned to permit smooth movement between the lever and the steering wheel. The straight lever reduces the distance the driver's hand must travel, for more ergonomic shifting.
  • Seating in all three rows provides the gentle, enveloping feel of a high-quality sofa, supporting passengers in true comfort. Covered in soft, suede-like material, the seats are generously proportioned, with cushioning and back supports of ample length, width and thickness.

    1 Standard on X, VX and VZ types

Exterior Design

  • The exterior fuses the space efficiency of a square with the curved, streamlined profile, conjuring images of a dynamic cruiser traveling across the vast ocean.
  • The front view features a large, horizontal grill with contrasting metal plating and slim-profile headlights that wrap around to the side, imparting a pleasing sense of roundness. The Elysion's overall width is greater than its overall height, producing a form that offers superior stability, while the expanse from the front bumper to the fenders imparts a sense of volume and reinforces the low-center-of-gravity design concept.
  • The side view features high-luster, blacked-out, front, center and rear quarter pillars that integrate with the glass areas and give the cabin a spacious feel.
  • The rear view features a substantial rear bumper design that blends harmoniously with the flared rear fenders and tailgate. Further, high-mounted brake lights that follow the roofline and wrap around from the side windows give an overall sense of roundness.

Driving Performance

  • The 3.0-liter V6 i-VTEC engine1 features Honda's variable cylinder management system, which shifts between three- and six-cylinder combustion for superior fuel economy at class-leading2 levels of power output and torque. Also available is a 2.4-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine3 that combines Honda's unique Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) with Variable Timing Control (VTC), which continuously optimizes intake valve timing in response to engine load. Both engines achieve a combination of high torque, superior fuel economy, and low emissions.
    3.0-liter i-VTEC engine: 184 kW (250PS) / 309 N-m (31.5kg-m)4
    2.4-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine: 118 kW (160PS) / 218 N-m (22.2kg-m)5
  • All types6 offer high levels of environmental performance, featuring class-leading2< fuel economy rated 5% above 2010 standards, and qualifying forcertification as Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicles by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

    1 VG, VX and VZ types
    2 3.0-liter class minivan
    3 M, G and X types
    4 Net values (unleaded premium gasoline)
    5 Net values (unleaded regular gasoline)
    6 Excluding device type designated motor vehicles


  • Featured is a 5-speed automatic transmission that brings out the best of each engine's characteristics, delivering powerful acceleration with superior fuel economy.
  • The 3.0-liter engine is equipped with a transmission featuring an expanded range of lockup during deceleration, as well as Drive By Wire (DBW) electronic throttle control and gear ratios optimized to the characteristics of the variable cylinder management system. Matched to the engine characteristics, the transmission delivers both excellent performance and superior fuel economy.
  • The 2.4-liter engine is equipped with a transmission featuring a low-friction clutch and an efficiency-enhancing ultra-thin torque converter for superior efficiency in a compact form. High-strength materials are used in the transmission components to withstand high torque and enhance durability.

Real Time 4WD

  • The Elysion's Real Time 4WD system combines a quiet, fuel-efficient, dual-pump system with a one-way cam unit to significantly enhance sensing of front-wheel slippage—all in a lightweight, compact design. The system transfers power to the rear wheels promptly, and significantly improves stability during startup and cornering on snow-covered roads and other slippery surfaces.


  • To deliver enhanced maneuvering stability, the front suspension features a double wishbone design. Combining an A-type lower arm with a large-diameter compliance bush, it ensures straight-line stability with outstanding ride comfort.
  • In the rear, the more compact trailing arm double wishbone suspension complements the Elysion's low, flat floor by separating the damper from the spring, locating the spring below the floor, and making the damper housing more compact.
  • A minimum turning radius of 5.7m, a body shape that makes it easy for the driver to sense the vehicle’s dimensions, and effortless power steering combine to provide superior maneuverability.
  • The straightened configuration of the large cross-sectional floor frame, and the placement of cross-members at points that enhance vibration damping make for a solid cabin frame. While enhancing dynamic rigidity, the chassis also delivers superior maneuvering stability.
  • High-tensile steel is used in all major body frame components, for a weight savings of approximately 24 kg compared with conventional materials
  • Complementing its elegant styling, the Elysion’s airflow management extends all the way down to the underside of the body to provide outstanding aerodynamic performance. Further, the optimized shapes of the front pillar, door mirrors and rear edge of the front hood smooth the rearward airflow, significantly reducing wind noise .

Quiet Operation

  • Models equipped with the 3.0-liter engine are outfitted with active control engine mounts1.
    Designed to operate with the variable cylinder management system1, the active control engine mounts use fluctuations in the engine’s crankshaft speed to estimate and cancel out engine vibrations generated when cylinders are idled. Active noise control1 is used to generate sound opposite in phase with the engine drone produced when cylinders are idled to cancel this drone and ensure a quiet environment under all conditions.
  • Models equipped with the 2.4-liter engine feature aluminum engine mount brackets that reduce weight and increase rigidity, and an exhaust manifold with high-density suspension mesh  to reduce vibration. In addition, the use of a secondary balancer and the increased rigidity of the lower engine block also help attenuate vibration and noise.
  • In the rear of the Elysion, the floating rear subframe combines with lighter, more rigid rear suspension front upper arms and knuckles as well as aluminum wheels to reduce vibrations transmitted through the suspension system, for an even quieter ride.
  • Potential routes for noise entering the passenger cabin have been analyzed, and sound insulating materials situated appropriately to reduce noise. In addition, interior fittings, even including the seat coverings, have been made with sound-attenuating materials which offer weight savings in addition to helping provide a quieter ride.

    1 Standard on VG, VX, VZ

Safety Performance

  • The Elysion is equipped with AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System)1, which works in conjunction with steering input to change the direction of the headlight units and illuminate the vehicle's path during turns.
  • VSA (ABS + TCS + sideslip control)1, which provides precise four-wheel braking control for smooth cornering, combines with Drive By Wire (DBW)2 electronic throttle control to manage engine torque and ensure even more precise control of vehicle motion.
  • Brake assist is standard on all types. Vehicles with VSA feature an electronic brake assist system1, as well as a learning function that automatically adjusts the assist operation point to conform to the driver's braking habits.
  • The Elysion is outfitted with the Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMS)3, which uses millimeter-wave radar to gauge the distance to and relative speed of the vehicle ahead, and alerts the driver to the risk of possible collision by providing audio and visual warnings and by applying braking pressure. If the system determines that a collision is imminent, it applies strong braking pressure to enhance the effectiveness of the driver's own braking, thus mitigating damage in the event of a collision.
  • The Elysion also features E-pretensioners (driver and front passenger seats)3, which work in concert with the CMS, pulling lightly on the seatbelt and alerting the driver if there is a danger of a collision, and pulling more forcefully if it is determined that a collision is imminent, for increased restraining effect.
  • The Elysion's crash compatibility body provides a high level of self-protection while reducing aggressivity toward other vehicles. In a full-frontal collision, the upper frame and lower members distribute and absorb the energy of impact, diffusing it into the front pillar and floor. At the time of impact, the lower members prevent misalignment with the crash-absorbing members of the other vehicle, and together with the upper frame create a broadened surface for absorbing the impact, significantly reducing cabin intrusion. In addition, Honda significantly increased the use of high tensile steel in the body frame, improving the vehicle's ability to absorb impact energy from all directions.
  • The Elysion’s body is also designed to mitigate injury in the event of impact with pedestrians, particularly to their head and legs, through the use of impact-absorbing structures for front-end components such as the hood, hood hinge, windshield wiper attachments, front fenders and bumper.
  • The Elysion is equipped with a side curtain airbag system4 for all three rows of seats designed to provide coverage over an area broad enough to protect the head and neck regions of passengers of all sizes, from children to adults, in the event of a side collision.

    1 Factory option on VG and VX types; standard on VZ type
    2 Standard on VG, VX and VZ types
    3 3Standard on VZ type
    4 Factory option on all types(excluding models with passenger  lift-up seat)

Environmental Performance

  • All Elysion models1 have qualified for certification from Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as providing 75% cleaner emissions than 2005 exhaust emissions standards. For superior exhaust cleaning performance, models with the 3-liter engine have an integrated exhaust manifold and cylinder head, as well as a catalytic converter directly below the cylinder head, while models equipped with the 2.4-liter engine have a rear exhaust system, a low heat-mass exhaust pipe, and a catalytic converter with a high cell density.
  • All Elysion models1 offer fuel economy rated 5% above 2010 standards. In addition to fuel efficiency-enhancing technologies like i-VTEC and the variable cylinder management system, improvements such as enhanced power transmission efficiency provided by precise transmission control, as well as reduced vehicle weight, result in superior fuel economy.
  • Honda has eliminated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from interior and exterior plastic components wherever possible. Meanwhile, the use of highly recyclable plastics has resulted in over 90%2 recyclability.
  • Use of lead has also been reduced to less than 10% of 1996 levels.
  • Honda is aiming to eliminate the use of hexavalent chromium, and is steadily reducing its use. It has already stopped using metallic coatingin the plating of fuel filler pipes and brackets.

    1 Excluding device type designated motor vehicles
    2 Honda in-house measurements

A side lift-up seat is available on G and VG types. A passenger lift-up seat is available on G and VG (excluding 4WD). These seats, which can be raised and lowered and rotated easily and smoothly with fully automatic electronic controls are installed on the left side of the second row in side lift-up seat-equipped vehicles, and at the front passenger seat position in passenger lift-up seat-equipped vehicles. Like the seats in standard vehicles, these seats also provide superior riding comfort, even on long drives. They are also equipped with a full-recline mechanism.

Last edited by JeffX on May 13, 2004 08:54

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